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He gets fucked by his best friend's father

When a friend of his friend’s comes over looking for a game of football, butch daddy Thierry finds him something much more fun to do! Tall, broad and stacked with muscle, the deliciously hairy older man gets the boy to strip off his clothes and show him his toned, slender little body. It definitely gets his seal of approval, as the dad immediately begins exploring it with his tongue, greedily sucking his cock and invading his tiny, tight asshole with it. Eager to please, the twink willing swallows the man’s big, fat daddy cock, wrapping his lips around the monstrously thick shaft. What the older guy really wants though is to ram that colossal cock of his as far up inside the teen as possible, fucking him deep and hard and then dumping his heavy load of cum across the twink’s sweet face!!

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Tall, slim and toned lad Jonny Ryder teams up with the workman, Mckenzie Walker as they squeeze in a hot and filthy fuckfest before they head off to church! Jonny is a total cock addict and is only too willing to spread his legs for Mckenzie’s long, fat dick, squealing and moaning as he slides each inch into his ripe, round butt and letting Mckenzie fuck him rotten! Mckenzie likes to pound an ass hard and he does just that before he pulls out and spurts hot, thick cum across Jonny’s white stomach!

You don't have to talk to get daddy's dick.

Dave London brings a blond bad guy home, but he doesn't speak his language. No worries : sex is a universal language and you don't need to speak to get fucked. Actions are better than words, and the gay daddy strips his partner, strokes him and sucks him deep. After some reciprocal foreplay, Dave lingers on this obviously bottom guy's bouncy ass and starts penetrating it harder and harder.

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Fucking Kaden’s face throughout, hung Jason stretches this power bottom wide open with his fingers, as he gets sucked, feeding the bottom from both ends!! Not content with just fingers though, the dildo quickly comes out, lubed up and plunged straight into him, working up to total depth in seconds, Kaden really is a pro at taking it up the backside!! Aching for the real thing, Kaden bends double and Jason is ready and raring to go, slipping it in fucking hard as Kaden is to take all he’s given, moaning out as his ass is well and truly fucked. Coating his tongue in fresh warm spunk, it slides down Kaden’s throat, proving he’s just as hungry for spunk, as he is for cock!

Luke's huge cock never stops getting hard
Luke's huge cock never stops getting hard

Horny at home, Luke decides to have a wank on the sofa! Working his cock hard he doesn't hear his flatmate come home. Walking in catching him in the act Luke beckons his mate over to give him a hand. Charlie is more than willing seeing the size of the meat that Luke is packing! Getting straight to work Charlie gives a much needed blowjob! Luke is a passionate lover and loves rimming, bending Charlie over the sofa Luke buries his face in Charlie’s ass, working his hole, making it wet ready for his throbbing cock! Slamming him balls deep and fucking his flatmate was much better than a wank, Luke is glad that he was caught , cock in hand!

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Who doesn't love a daddy, especially when they are as hung and hairy as American superstar Rocco Steele. With 10x7" to play around with, the tiny twink Aaron Aurora has his work cut out to take all this rudee of a man is going to give him, but he does, and does it with such energy this scene is Dads Fucking Lads gold from the very beginning! As Rocco takes complete control of this scenario, Aaron pushes back and bounces on top of this tattooed hunk as we even see his insides move with each thrust, Rocco truly fills this slice of a guy up! Aaron shows his appreciation to his Daddy but spunking all over his body, swiftly joined by Rocco's own squirting monster meat, leaving him covered in spunk and unable to move for the rest of the day!

Post-Party cock worship!!

As Evan teases Shane with his rock hard dick poking from the duvet after the big party, Shane doesn‘t mess around and quickly takes it into his mouth, starting one of the horniest fucks ! As both fitties join , the sex was always going to be scorching, but it’s truly out of this world!! Shane owns his mates ass, slamming his dick all the way in as Evan is pushed into the sofa, taking it like a good bottom. Getting off for a final time, these cum splattered twinks fuck like never before, and the looks on their faces tell us just how good this feels!!

I'll lubricate myself with your cum

Ruggedly handsome daddy Logan Moore lets us into a secret love of fucking twinks raw, just as long haired Johannes tells us exactly the same! It’s a meeting of minds that end up the meeting of cock and arse, without a condom in sight! Johannes can’t get enough of the muscular hairy chest and chiselled face of Logan, and when it comes to slurping on his stiff dick, the look on the guys face says it all! Wanting more than his face stuffed full of that juicy dick, Logan takes it from him and pushes it against his begging hole, slowly opening him up, his foreskin pushing back as his dick slides ever deeper into the young twink, letting him feel the warmth of the bare dick entering him deeper with every gentle thrust from daddy. Moving his own ass back, Logan takes this as permission to go hard and fast, owning his butt in multiple positions before shooting his creamy load over the freshly fucked and gaping hole, coating in a thick layer of spunk, twitching right in front of the camera until there’s no more space to fill and the cum needs to be fucked into the bottom, breeding his virginal hole and pushing the daddy juice so far inside it’ll be there for days.

Relax, we're gonna suck each other's dicks.

Daddy Dave is used to filming guys for the first time. This guy is shy, but he's going to make him feel confident, and they're going to give some excellent blowjobs. Gently, deftly, Dave undresses him and caresses him to turn his body and cock on. Once he's horny, he lets himself be jerked off and sucked, and soon wants to have his turn on daddy's cock. They'll be squirting all over each other, and the urge to do it all over again will be there.

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This handsome gay twink is addicted to masturbation, and his apartment is full of semen-covered briefs. His other passion? Jerking off on cam. He logs on every day and gets horny by checking out anonymous dicks. He loves it when guys touch themselves while watching him masturbating or fingering his ass. He can spend days cumming several times for dozens of guys online: he loves it!

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Cute short haired Damien gets this film off to a rocking start. Teasing us with his toned smooth body in the shower and his sexy French voice telling us what turns him on, we see him dry and dress, looking like fucking sexy!! Putting on his favourite track, he’s soon tapping away to the music getting harder and harder until he just has to play with his rock solid cock. It’s one of the best looking cocks seen, perfect size and shape, and when he shoots, you wish your mouth was there to lap it up.

Daddy will stimulate your tattooed body
Daddy will stimulate your tattooed body

Daddy Dave spends the afternoon with a bisexual guy tattooed from head to toe. A sexually curious guy who's about to experience ecstasy with the experienced daddy. Dave will show him his talents and stimulate him in every way possible. He undresses him and sensually caresses his ass, licks his feet, jerks him off, sucks him off, then gives him his daddy dick to suck and finally penetrates his ass. The guy's in seventh heaven and already hooked.