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Solo Spunking!

Gorgeous blonde twink Jayden has a big, hard cock and a lot of free time, so what better way to while away the hours than by playing with it? With his smooth, tanned skin and perfect features, watching him running his hands across his smooth chest and tight, flat stomach whilst pumping his thick member will make you want to start fondling your own throbbing dick! The need to blow your load will only get harder to resist when Jayden starts sliding a black buttplug between his firm, round ass cheeks, stretching his tight hole as he moans in pleasure, pushing him closer and closer to blowing his thick hot wad!

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Daddy Dave is back with yet another hot young twink to slide his meaty dick into! This time he's managed to get the super bottom David Luca in in bed to work his hole hard! The incredibly handsome young Spaniard knows how to push back on a solid slab of meat and Dave is in heaven as his younger namesake takes him for a spin as much as he's used to giving to the fresher faced lads he adores so much.

The kind of guy you want to fuck every way

Entering his office after a hectic week of everything going wrong in the Hotel, JP is greeted by his masseur ready to help him unwind. Stripping off naked for a full body rub-down, Lucas is a bit taken aback by the candidness of the manager but goes along with it. As JP fully relaxes, he gets harder and harder, and Lucas takes full advantage, rubbing his thighs and going further until he’s actually sucking on the boss’ dick! Lucas is definitely a buff young twink, hot pecs and six-pack showing, not to mention his thick dick which JP gags on repeatedly, letting himself fully enjoy the spoils of being in charge! Both guys take it in turns to get fucked and to get their own end away, First JP gets it hard, then Lucas is really rammed by JP’s delicious dick, ending up with not only a facial, but a second cumload all over that smooth, perfectly formed chest! JP praises his relaxation method, but is he actually the masseur JP thinks he is??

Look at my huge cock, take a break

Whatever Luke did in his interview, he did well as the job is his! Helping out getting the place in tip-top condition for opening, he joins cute twink Dan Daily sorting out the space and getting rid of all the junk. After another hot piece of ass, Luke is on a mission to work this little twink out, and it’s soon apparent he’s on to a winner! Something must be wrong with the overalls in this place, they keep dropping off our most hung twinks, showing off massive dicks – Luke’s famed member in full focus in this scene as the lucky Dan gives a first class blowjob, his own impressive dick given on in return too! Resting on a spare bed, these two hung young lads have an amazing cock-sucking time, but it’s down to super-stud Luke to get his knob into arse and boy does he teach Dan a thing or two about taking cock! Luke’s hot body takes us to another level as he pounds his colleague into acceptance, giving him a final facial farewell to a job well done!

Jonny is back for more!!

Long haired Jonny from the sexy solo of Scene 1 is back for more, and this time he’s brought cute Justin with him!! Opening his ass up for more action, this time it’s a small black butt plug, getting larger and larger as more is pushed inside his eager butthole. Needing his cock worked on, Justin pulls his bottom boy down and slides his cock into the prepped ass, fucking him solidly, making him moan out loud with each forward thrust he’s subjected to.

Relax, massage and fuck

Hunky builders Tate and Steve open the show as they show us the DreamBoy Hotel in its earliest stages – the walls aren’t even painted! Topless Tate, smooth and buff but with a young handsome face, struggles to reach the top, and his poor shoulder aches so much that Brazilian-looking young stud Steve gives him a quick rubdown, starting at the neck and shoulders but his wandering hands soon move to his overalls which suddenly drops down, exposing a stiff, thick and totally delicious dick bobbing up and down!! Quick to jump on this opportunity dangling in his face, cock hungry Tate devours it, and worships this thick shaft as any horny twink stud would, but soon lets his smooth hole take the attention, as Steve licks and sucks on this edible ass before sliding his dick, giving even porn-star Tate’s breath away! After flipping each other into all sorts of fun positions the Olympic gymnasts would be jealous of, stand back for Steve’s awesome cumshot – the walls, Tate, and the bench all drenched in hot Latin spunk!

You did not expect that gay flip flop fuck

Taking delivery of the brand spanking new DreamBoy Hotel sign, twink-in-charge Freddie is a little annoyed they were so late, and who better to take his frustration out than tiny little twink Aaron Samuels! Left to get the paperwork, Freddie takes Aaron to the sofa, stripping off swiftly; leaving Freddie’s pale torso gleaming against Aaron’s tiny but tanned frame. Aaron truly is a beautifully young looking lad, piercing blue eyes and a young cheeky face, skinny but toned frame and hot cock – but it’s his butt that steal the show totally! Getting fucked by Freddie’s thick dick and saggy balls, Aaron squats over then gets it doggy, with some close-ups on his face that will make you wanna squirt there and then, it’s amazing how long Freddie lasts when he’s the one there getting it in person, the lucky guy – especially when Aaron turns the tables on the man in charge and gets him on all fours and then spunked over.. however, in this tale of flip-reverse, Aaron leaves with his beautiful face covered in the boss man’s cum, not that he really minds as he sucks it dry straight after!

Hairy Daddy Fucks French Twink

Hairy, bearded and definitely hot, daddy Rich gives us the low-down on what he like sin a twink, and teamed up with tiny young Rox Matthews, it’s a perfect match for some hot dad on lad action! Making out on the bed, the toned pale young French boy is shown the way by suited daddy Rich who definitely wants to play with his new toy! With youth comes awesome libido and a thirst for everything cock related, and Rich is just the man to quench this. Rox can’t wait to undress our daddy, exposing his furry body and growing bulge beneath those suit pants. Getting the scent of dick, Rox swallows every inch of his American cut dick, his pretty boy face being stretched from the shaft within. Flipped over, Rich asserts himself and raises Rox’s butt high into the air, filling his crack with his beard as he laps at that pink hole, ready for his dick to swiftly follow! Slowly working himself inside with the first thrust and then unleashing fuck after fuck, flipping the tiny twink this way and that until both boys shoot their loads, exhausted from this hell of a fucking good time!

Skinny Twinks Rule!!

When skinny twink Tristan teams up with funky punk Jaymie, the chemistry is great, and the butt plug play is even better!! Both lads have nicely shaped cocks, thick and long enough to produce some gasps as they are plunged into smooth holes!! Jaymie’s hole gets a full workout from Tristan, first a hot looking butt plug, and then of course his lengthy dick, which is quickly eaten up by a rather hungry butt, bouncing on top until the cum is streaming from the shafts, giving a great cum soaking facial!!

Heat wave and XXL dick

It’s a damn hot summer’s night, and super hung Luke Desmond is trying to fix the broken AC, working on into the night. It’s too hot for redheaded Milo to rest, so he heads to the bar for a night-cap and runs into Luke, topless and building up a sweat, he joins for a beverage and the rest is a fucking noisy session on the sofa! Milo’s a very accented young Scouse, but that doesn’t stop him getting his way with Luke, licking him from tip to toe, making an extended stop by his enormous cock, who can blame him!? Hungry for dick now, Milo spreads his legs right there in reception and screams like a banshee as Luke slides straight in, up to the hilt! These twinks don’t care who might come in, or who they wake up, and the whole Hotel is rocking to the sound of Milo’s moaning! All the guests are up and about but unfortunatel6y none come to investigate, leaving Luke and Milo alone, and the sight of Luke’s dick sliding in the whole length is more than enough to keep us happy, and some of the other guests too by the sound of it!

Tristan Dean Takes it Deep!

Tanned and toned twink Tristan Dean shows dark haired Justin just how far he can take a cock inside his perfectly formed ass! A true bottom boy, Tristan can’t get enough of spreading his smooth, slender thighs and letting a massive manhood push deep inside his eager hole. There arent many who could resist the opportunity to do so, as Tristan has one of the most amazing twink bodies around, totally hairless with a hard, tight stomach and toned chest! Not to mention his high, round, peachy ass!! Pale skinned Justin has an equally impressive body, with broad shoulders and strong arms and has a cock that looks as though it was made for Tristans ass! It might well have been if the reaction it gets from Tristan is anything to go by, as he rides it hard, clearly loving every moment before both boys soak each other in hot, wet jizz!!

Wake up I have some cock for you

Cute twink Lloyd Adams gets a gift from God in the form of everyone’s favourite DreamBoy delivery boy Aaron Samuels. Waking up in the middle of the night with no porn, no GPS apps helping him out, he gets a knock on the door and there’s Aaron with a heavy box, full of porn DVDs! Thanking the Heavens, Lloyd is pushed back onto the porn-covered bed and gets the blowjob of his life! The devilishly handsome Aaron enjoys Lloyd’s dick with a vengeance, almost making him cum at the very beginning, but he’s got all night to get attention. As they share each other’s dicks, Aaron is soon pulled up over Lloyd and his waiting dick, letting his fuck-mate pound him from below, letting us in on the action as his hole is stretched wide, the tanned Lloyd and the milky white Aaron looking perfect together, especially when his gaping hole is fingered in great close-up, ready for yet another position over the bed! Turning tables on us, this horned up pair flips it around and Lloyd is fucked by Aaron until both lads spunk, leaving only Aaron to wish Lloyd a Happy Birthday… but is it really his birthday?