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Sneaking a photo or two of the fit builders working nearby, Anthony Thomas can’t help but imagine what it would be like to have them both all over him. Cue a horny scene with George and Jon stuffing their rock solid weapons into his face and willing ass. Jon has a fantastic Italian Stallion look about him, and a cock to match!! Anthony’s ass gets well and truly used before a complete spunk shower coats him in thick cum!! It’s one fantasy we all have and wish we could fulfil as cock hungrily as he!!


Danny delivers a package to a straight boy, but with a bit of sly tactics he makes sure it’s his own package that this straight boy gets in his hands. They suck each other off and then Danny gets fucked over the kitchen counter by the straight cock, which erupts like a volcano of jizz after a steamy session.


Dominic and Wayne join the other lads in the Jacuzzi, where action gets hotter than the bubbles as all of them start getting involved in a full-scale gangbang!! Rimming, sucking, fucking… it’s all happening as these toned, horny boys start indulging their horny desires and fucking each other senseless!! However slender scally boy Rick Hunter and tattooed hard-man Tony London senak away to the gym, where Tony takes no prisoners and rams Rick to within an inch of his life, the sounds of him pounding the boys tight ass echoing off the walls before they both explode in a shower of cum!!


Super cute, elegant, hung : this suited gay twink starts his day by a gay hookup before going to work. He meets a young bottom to get a blow job and to fuck his ass. A horny and adorable gentleman fucker who knows how to handle an ass.


Starting the show with blond 18 year old dance student Kristian, he’s one lithe youngster from the big city, and has the whole package – definitely Dave’s type, and definitely ours too! Getting this boy naked was top priority for Dave, and once his feet were up on the table facing the camera Dave couldn't help himself but start there, toe sucking, sole stroking, moving further up towards his groin, his smooth balls and boyishly stiff dick willing to get all the attention it deserves... delicious!


Twinky Chris befriends stunning Nathan at a local bar, both realising they have had a bit too much meaningless sex, and wanting something more. Inviting Nathan to a boat trip, the duo are set for one final fuck on the waves. Rocking with the motion, these smooth cuties kiss and lick each others bodies, tasting every part, getting more and more turned on. Pushing down hard onto Chris, Nathan feeds his own ass the thick shaft which is causing his own cock to throb uncontrollably!! Unleashing a torrent of jizz squirting ceaselessly, both boys coat themselves in juice


Todd is one hell of a quick worker, no sooner is his new flatmate in the door, than he turns into his new fuck buddy!! Raul Fox is back for more, and is never one to turn down the offer sex. Cropped, slightly hairy but nicely built Todd pours the wine but hardly any is drunk before the dicks are out and Raul is jerking himself as he tastes Todd’s throbbing shaft and fingering his ass as he’s spread-eagled on the sofa. Calling out for a fuck, Todd’s had enough of the fingers and wants the real deal, with Raul only too pleased to oblige; slapping his ass as he works that impressive dick into his new flatmate, Todd is moaning as he gets deeper, pulling in and out, thrusting gently as he supports Todd there, legs in the air. Todd’s not used to such a big dick, his ass taking it well and helped by the loud sharp slaps to his cheeks. This doesn’t faze Raul however, as his face shows that he’s holding back spunking there and then, wanting to get deep into Todd, his buff frame looking even more awesome with a huge dick pumping him with a hot speed and more ass slapping, Raul’s tight body looking perfect with the thrusting action as Todd catches sight of it, arching his back and enjoying the ass stretching feeling – his hole will never be the same again!!


Back in the changing rooms, curly haired Julian and handsome young Peter are soaking their feet after a hard game on the pitch. As Julian offers to help wash Peter’s feet, the hormones kick in, and the two cute twinks start making out, and it quickly develops to a hot tryst as bulging shorts burst open to reveal rock hard dicks that beg for deep oral!! Julian’s nicely curved shaft is treated to a long sucking as Peter lies down and plays with his own massive throbbing shaft. Both students have totally smooth, nicely defined slim bodies that just get better and better as Julian spreads his ass wide, letting Peter’s hot tongue poke deep into him, loosening him enough for Peter to slowly slide that really long dick of his up the hilt inside his fuck-mate, making him bounce on top of him and forcing him to feel every possible inch in awesome close-up!!


These horny twinks never stop fucking, wherever they are, if they see a sexy lad, they drop to their knees and get to work. Rob and Tony have a sneaky bit of fun behind a tree but are soon caught by Chris and Andy as they chill out by the pool. Joining in the fun, the two duos are soon swopped around countless times as every hot boy enjoys deep anal pounding. Rob’s dick is at its best when we see it really going for it inside his mate Chris, his balls slapping his butt and the fountain of cum as it sprays all over his heaving body.


Nasty Nick the dispatcher has a lycra fetish, especially when it comes to Danny’s dirty lycra. During Danny’s break, Nick gives the outfit a lengthy sniff whilst tugging on his manhood in the back room. Biting into the lycra, Nick reaches climax and sprays hot cum all over himself, using the lycra to clean himself up.


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