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Skater Boy - Dreamboy
UN BEST OF DES MEILLEURES SCÈNES DE SKATER BY EUROCREMEVous aimez les minets lascars habillés en baguy, qui taguent les murs et se là pètent dans leurs grosses baskets.Ces bogoss de 20 à 23 ans prennent un malin plaisir à baiser et à se sucer à la moindre occasion, en particulier pour des plans à trois ou bien plus ...
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A young skater boy shares everything with his best friend. He knows him better than anyone but today he is about to get to know him intimately. The boys have had feelings for each other for years and today they decide to explore an unknown side of their relationship...After a few passionate kisses, their cock become extremely hard, a signal to go even further with the play. The boy eats his best-friend's ass before entering his virgin hole with his young dick. There is no better feeling than his hot cum covering his friend's smooth skin...

At the youth center in the early hours of the morning, twinks are having fun with each other. Any opportunity they get, they wear each other off and get their cocks out. The most dominant one takes control and shove his hard young dick up his friend's tight little hole!

They're giving a new meaning to the Saturday Night Fever! A bunch of boys arrive at a club, all cute, all young and all horny! They all came there to shoot their load and it doesn't take them long to get butt-naked, fucking like dogs in heat!

Two skater boys who are also best friends came to Amsterdam to take part in a competition. On their way to their hotel they stop in a coffee shop and meet the owner, a hot gay skinhead. After trying the local smokes they accept his invitation to his squat where they meet the dude's roommate. Very quickly it's clear that they're craving for cock and why they've been brought here...Who cares about the competition! They've got two cute asses to fuck and loads of cum to shoot!

A cute little blond dude is in heaven. Two friends came over to ride him. He starts working on their cocks, sucking hard and deep then offer his holes for a hot spit-roast. The boy is greedy, he also gets double-fucked!

Two hot boys get arrested for trying to still toys in a sex-shop. The policeman who caught them is gay and when he spots the major hardon on one of his prisoners, he starts having fun with them. Arrested and fucked! Not a thing after all.

A young dude gets back to his room and starts working out. He soon realises how fucking horny he is. Time to slide his hand inside his trousers and rub his big cock. The boy is cute, you're gonna love him!

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