Slowly then deeply
Slowly then deeply

Slowly then deeply

Gay video. Time: 22 min

Back on screen, Steven Prior and of course his huge endowment makes a welcome return, and twinky Kieron works his magic on the delicious dick, devouring the tip, as that’s all that can fit into his mouth!! Hoping more will go inside that sweet ass of his, we don’t have to wait too long to find out!! The pleasantly hung Kieron opens his butt for Steven to slowly slide in, letting him get used to the breathtaking size of it. Bouncing on top like a possessed duy, Kieron yells out as Steven takes control and works his way deeper, nicely hairy legs are held open, letting him have as much access as possible and he uses it to his full advantage, as well as giving us one of the best sights of the film!!

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HungLadz5   h3
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