Cottage Boy
Cottage Boy

Cottage Boy

Gay video. Time: 17 min

The next day, and Zac is gone, leaving just a note for Kayden on the table where all hell broke loose. Coming down slightly less hung over, Lucas and Kayden have a chat, and Kayden lets the secret of last night out, with Lucas going to ask Niall himself if it’s true. Spotting another chance for some hot fucking, Kayden pursues and gets his own way, as always and gets Lucas on his knees sucking his giant dick right there in the barn, in full view of the cottage, and all of them in there! Getting off on the risk, Kayden’s morals are out the window and his dick is shoved down Lucas’ throat. In a further twist, he texts his mate JP to join in the fun, and as Lucas has his eyes closed and mouth full of dick, Kayden pulls out and JP slides his own dick into his mouth! With the act already done, Lucas gives in to Kayden’s demands and gets spit-roasted, his ass split by Kayden’s dick and mouth stuffed with JP’s dick, everyone’s favourite dream come true, it’s no wonder Lucas didn’t put up much of a fight! Swopping sides, JP gets a go on Lucas’s hot and already loosened hole, both tops getting an awesome workout from this eager bottom boy until they’re both done with him and Lucas gets a double face full of spunk and is left there, just as Lyle comes round the corner to see it all at its spunkiest moment!

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