The naked cleaner
The naked cleaner

The naked cleaner

Gay video. Time: 15 min

Back in the office, it’s the day after the night before and Brad walks in obviously feeling the effects of his high flying lifestyle. Undeterred, it’s 4:30 and time to hit the bar once again! Showing off about his previous conquest, cute long haired Max slowly starts to realise if he wants something, he’s gotta pay for it, and after some Dutch courage, he goes about playing with the big boys but without knowing the rules of the game! Losing this round and pissing off cute Jack, Max flees to the office to get his keys disturbing the very handsome cleaner who’s just starting. As Drew lets Max into a secret, how he enjoys cleaning naked, Max wants to unleash some of this pent up tension, and as Drew slowly strips for him, showing his smooth dark skin and big black dick slapping on the clear glass desk, it’s the perfect tonic! Dropping to his knees, Max swallows the entire length, getting more and more cock hungry as his throat is stretched open. Taking off his own suit, skinny but lean Max, freckled and damn sexy gets his perfect twink bubble butt ravaged by Drew’s hungry tongue before rocking the entire desk as he pounds hard, showing it’s not just the high flyers that know how to fuck!

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