Soldier Boy - Dreamboy
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A superb young soldier got caught by his superior while he was fucking a guy. The latter is homophobic and decides to place him in detention for 28 days. The poor soldier feels miserable until he's brought to his cell and finds out he's gonna share it with a hot young recruit on whom he had a crush! This doesn't seem like a punishment anymore, more like a fuck holiday! 28 days to ride his cell-mate's tight little ass over and over again!

Two young soldiers are having a chat during a break. All of a sudden one is getting way too excited. He's got a long time to wait before he's allowed to go home on leave and get some pussy so right now he's thinking about his mate's ass...Lucky for him, his comrade is as horny and he makes the first move. His hand goes straight between his legs to grab the young soldier's already hard cock...The rest is for you to watch now!

This was going to be a very sad Christmas for a young soldier who had to stay at the barracks to serve dinner to his superior. On his own, the latter took his time to eat and enjoy every single dish, keeping the waiter and cook waiting. Pissed off, when it's time to serve coffee and cream, the cook shoot his load in the cup instead...The sergeant realizes there is something wrong with his coffee and walks to the kitchen only to find the waiter and cook riding each-other! He takes his cock out, kneels down and decides to enjoy the party too!

When the sergeant arrives in the dormitory, three young recruits must demonstrate perfect obedience to their superior. He inspects them from head to toes as well as their beds. He's not happy with the standards and wants to put some order in this team of sloppy boys. It's time to teach them a lesson! One command and a soldier falls at his feet, licking his leather boots. He takes his thick cock out and the young recruit comes up to run his tongue on the vascular dick and sucks him off. Everyone gets involved trying to please the demanding sergeant even if it means losing their virginity!

A poor army recruit suffers the abuse and jealousy of a superior. His innocent look, smooth dark skin and hot body make him the perfect pray for the vicious PTI (physical training instructor). Today he has decided to do a 1 on 1 session in the woods to push the boy to his limits. Push-ups, ab-crunches then...He takes his cock out and orders the young recruit to take it in his mouth. Totally subdued by the authority he obeys and start sucking his first dick. The PTI then forces him to cum on his shiny boots. The poor soldier is exhausted by then but he has one more task to complete if he wants a good review: to take it up his tight virgin ass!

There seems to be so much fun in the British army! It's time for a medical and two doctors have their hands full with a lot of new recruits to inspect. While one of the doctor is examining one the recruits' prostate, he notices one of his comrade's massive hard-on...with all the beautiful young males surrounding the doctors, the medical ethic goes out the window! The army infirmary turns into a brothel full of boys mounting each other!

When a young soldier bumps into another one who admits being gay and worrying about possible abuse, he decides to reassure him by telling him a story: One hot afternoon as he was training in the woods, he came upon a couple of young recruits kissing and fucking like dogs in heat. He remembers the beautiful bodies, the soft skins and the amazing site! Let him take you back there, you won't regret it!

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