Builders : a gay threesome fantasy
Sneaking a photo or two of the fit builders working nearby, Anthony Thomas can’t help but imagine what it would be like to have them both all over him. Cue a horny scene with George and Jon stuffing their rock solid weapons into his face and willing ass. Jon has a fantastic Italian Stallion look about him, and a cock to match!! Anthony’s ass gets well and truly used before a complete spunk shower coats him in thick cum!! It’s one fantasy we all have and wish we could fulfil as cock hungrily as he!!
Builders : a gay threesome fantasy


Danny delivers a package to a straight boy
Jacuzzi Jizzing!
Young Suited Gay Twink Fucker
Love your feet and cock
Fucking on the Ocean!!
I'm your roommate now and I'm also yours




Ready and Waiting
If there is ever a daddy you want to sneak into your room whilst you’re blindfolded and butt naked, it’s the lean, tanned hairy young daddy Nathan. Quietly entering the room, he slowly and softly strokes Korar’s toned muscular but hairless young body, perfectly framed in a red jockstrap. It’s only a matter of moments before Nathan works his exploratory fingers down to that waiting, puckering butthole. Both men can feel the anticipation as it tightens and relaxes, the hunger very obviously there! Feeding the boy his dick as his head hangs over the side of the bed, Korar gets the thick shaft slick and his face nuzzling into the brown fur between Nathan’s legs. Slurping on the boys own thick dick and smooth pink hole, Nathan is soon slamming inside, all the while Korar not knowing who is inside him, or what his next step is going to be! All is revealed at the end of the scene in a fun frank and exciting interview with them both!
Cruising the Park
Invited on his morning run, we love watching this young muscular stud jog in the park, and when he chats to us about someone he's been cruising, we knows it's about to get even hotter! As cute blond Kamyk plucks up the courage and comes over, they, the cameraman and us follow them back to Kayden's for a 'coffee' and it's exactly what we want to happen! Moving swiftly on to the bed, Kamyk is stripped, his smooth pale body looking damn fine next to Kayden's muscular frame, his pecs, abs and giant dick is heaven to watch, and when it's bursting from Kamyk's cheeks as he swallows as much as he can, wow! His ass more than makes up for where his throat was too tight, and Kayden doesn't hold back as he slams in and out over and over, the post-workout adrenaline coursing through his veins, giving him more power than we've seen before, just wait for his cumshot, it'll take your eye out!