Kayden Gray

  Avg Rating: 4.6

About Kayden Gray:

Vital Stats:
  • Age:  28

  • Height:  6' 1"

  • Cock Size:  9"

  • Sexual Orientation:  gay

  • Nationality:  Polish

  • Prefers:  Versatile

  • Likes:  beautiful men, nights in with friends music, dance, cinema, strong coffee, Italian food

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Split in Half by Kayden
17 min 41 sec
Added:  May 17, 2016   Avg Rating: 5.0

Tiny Cory Prince, a cute and damn sexy Spaniard gets to grips with the giant dicked Kayden Gray in an ass splitting scene like none other! His hairless ass stretched wide and fucked hard, taking all of Kayden's 9.5 thick inches down to the balls! His tight young body, tanned olive skin overpowered by a muscular and sweat drenched Kayden who fucks his upwards, side-wards and down into the bed, leaving the room dripping with sweat and spunk as Cory can't do anything as he's pinned by a dick as big as his arm, leaving him a fuck toy for the muscle stud Kayden to play with until his balls are empty and Cory is covered in jet after jet of hot spunk, the sweet smell of sweat and spunk permeating the air!

Featuring: Cory Prince
Categories: Anal Sex, Big Cock, Eurocreme, Eurocreme: Dads Fucking Lads, Fucking, Monster cock, MP4, One on One, Oral Sex, Smooth, Sucking, Tattoos, Twinks, Uncut

Daddy's Orgy - Behind The Scenes
14 min 14 sec
Added:  May 03, 2016   Avg Rating: 3.7

Exclusive interviews with the models at Daddy's Orgy, the biggest melee of smooth young bodies and muscled men getting hot and sweaty together! Sneak peeks of the action as well as getting to know the horny boys up close and personal, the international cast stretching from Colombia to Europe speaking directly to you, giving you the inside scoop on what's about to happen in the apartment run by top daddy Matthew Anders, who has invited countless big dicks and hungry butts to join in the fun!

Featuring: Cory Prince , Danny Montero , Kamyk Walker , Lyle Boyce , Matthew Anders , Nathan Hope , Ross Drake
Categories: Behind The Scenes, Eurocreme, Eurocreme: Dads Fucking Lads, MP4, Twinks

Fucking Friends
18 min 0 sec
Added:  Dec 01, 2015   Avg Rating: 3.9

Who isn't easily distracted when there's a handsome young man in your bed? Kayden certainly is, and with the stubbled Jonah O'Pry sucking on his lengthy dick, he's easily forgiven, as long as we get to see it all happen, and boy do we! As Jonah gets his sexy face stuffed full of Kayden dick, Kayden's leaving Danny busy in Brighton, so the focus shifts to Jonah's butt hole soon enough, and pulling his fuck buddy up ass into the air, his open hole is given to us and to Kayden to lap at, making it moist and hungry for more, and it's going to get a hell of a lot more in a minute! As Kayden slams down into Jonah, it's fair to say Jonah's never had a cock so big and his rock sold cut dick is testament to just how much he's loving it! Flipped and thrown around the bed, Jonah is a proud bottom and pushes back, making the whole experience memorable for everyone involved, even us! Squirting jets of spunk whilst Kayden's still fucking away inside him, Kayden sees this, loves it and jumps up, squirting his own torrent down over Jonah's smooth freshly fucked body, before collapsing next to him, the scent of cum in the air and sweat on their bodies, just how it should be.

Featuring: Jonah O'Pry
Categories: Anal Sex, Eurocreme, Eurocreme: Eurocreme, Fucking, Kissing, Monster cock, MP4, Oral Sex, Sucking, Twinks

Set for Sex
19 min 36 sec
Added:  Nov 03, 2015   Avg Rating: 4.5

Danny Montero arrives to London and his buddy Kayden is mid photoshoot! Invited on set to watch his friend getting hard in skimpy underwear, Danny knows he's done the right thing to visit him, especially when Kayden's giant dick is bursting from under the tight pants! Once all the work is done, the photographer leaves but Kayden and Danny remain; trying on the underwear as they both get an eyeful of each other's hot toned bodies! It's not difficult to see why they soon get down and dirty, Danny lapping the sweat off Kayden's hot body, till warm from the lights and the perfect taster for a trip to the big city! Riding Kayden on the couch, Danny's perfect olive ass is stretched open, making him gasp with each thrust of the 9.5" of thick dick slamming into him! Ending up covered in cum, their evening plans have only just begun and Danny’s adventure in London is about to get even spunkier!

Featuring: Danny Montero
Categories: Anal Sex, Eurocreme, Eurocreme: Eurocreme, Fucking, Kissing, Monster cock, MP4, Oral Sex, Sucking, Twinks

Weekend With Danny - Behind The Scenes
13 min 0 sec
Added:  Oct 06, 2015   Avg Rating: 2.0

As we welcome Mexican stud Danny Montero to London, his weekend is about to begin and it's nothing like he's expecting! Our cute young twink thinks its about afternoon tea and red buses, when in fact it's going to be all about late night fucking and a red ass by the end of it! Rammed full of exclusive interviews from the cast of 'A Weekend with Danny' we get to know the boys in an even more personal way than watching them fuck along with previews of what's to come!

Featuring: Brute Club , Danny Montero , Johny Cruz , Jonah O'Pry