Kayden Gray

  Avg Rating: 4.6

About Kayden Gray:

Vital Stats:
  • Age:  28

  • Height:  6' 1"

  • Cock Size:  9"

  • Sexual Orientation:  gay

  • Nationality:  Polish

  • Prefers:  Versatile

  • Likes:  beautiful men, nights in with friends music, dance, cinema, strong coffee, Italian food

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A Feast of Meat
21 min 47 sec
Added:  Aug 09, 2016   Avg Rating: 3.2

Calling the new delivery service during a night in, Kayden Gray wants some extra fun and when Johny Cruz comes in with a deluxe pizza, he leaves that with his mates whilst he takes the horny toned PizzaBoy to the bedroom for something a whole lot spicier! Giving his mates a taster of what he’s going to get up to, Kayden and Johny swiftly make it to the bedroom as they suck each other whilst stripping offer, leaving Johny in the enviable position of taking Kayden’s huge thick 9.5” right down to the balls! Fucking him doggy style, Johny can’t believe his luck as Kayden picks up the speed, pulls his ass open and rams his rod as far and as fast as he can, his muscled frame tensing with each thrust downwards, putting real power behind the fuck. Playing with Johny’s cock and pulling it backwards, Kayden uses his delivery boy as a sex toy, with no complaint from Johny at all, spinning him around and sliding deeper inside missionary style, legs in the air and feet to camera, we get the best of every view, not forgetting the almighty cum soaking Johny is given, first by himself mid fuck, and joined by Kayden’s thick load swiftly after!

Featuring: Johny Cruz
Categories: Anal Sex, Big Cock, Eurocreme, Eurocreme: Dreamboy, Fucking, Kissing, Monster cock, MP4, One on One, Oral Sex, Smooth, Sucking, Twinks, Uncut

PizzaBoy - Behind The Scenes
13 min 47 sec
Added:  Jul 26, 2016   Avg Rating: 2.0

Inside knowledge of the latest DreamBoy release from Eurocreme. the models give you secrets and storylines of what to expect from PizzaBoy, the biggest cliché in porn given the DreamBoy makeover. Stars Dmitry Osten, Johannes Lars and Kayden Gray give you the low-down on their characters and their own thoughts on them! Enjoy exclusive shots from the movie as a taster of the juicy toppings about to hit the shelves, giant dicks, hungry holes and a whole lot of meat on offer from the delicious PizzaBoy!

Featuring: Dmitry Osten , Johannes Lars , Johny Cruz , Nathan Hope , Nathan Raider , Ross Drake
Categories: Behind The Scenes, Eurocreme, Eurocreme: Dreamboy, MP4

Big Dicked Orgy
17 min 59 sec
Added:  Jun 07, 2016   Avg Rating: 5.0

Carrying on the orgy after two hotties shoot their load, Danny Montero and scorching hot Daddy Matthew Anders spit roast the tiniest twink ever Cory Prince on the sofa, with Matt taking a break and watching his two favourite boys fuck hard in front of him as they wait for more to arrive to join the orgy madness. In perfect timing, 3 more young studs join the party, super hung Kayden Gray, blond bottom Lyle Boyce and fit fucker Ross Drake all come together and get in the middle of the action right away! Danny jumps on top of Kayden's massive meat who slurps on Ross's dick as Lyle gets his ass eaten by Matt as Cory swops with Ross and licks around Danny's butt mid fuck and Ross is feeling every inch of Matt's thick shaft, there so much spunk worthy action it's hard to know where to look, and each one of them loving the action they're getting and giving, especially Lyle who's tucking in to Cory's dick whilst Daddy spanks that soft white ass of his! As the sweat starts to drip and the assholes get fucked hard, the cum starts to erupt from all six men, Danny shooting for the ceiling, Kayden drenching Danny, and the others sharing their loads as all good orgies must end!

Featuring: Cory Prince , Danny Montero , Lyle Boyce , Matthew Anders , Ross Drake
Categories: Anal Sex, Eurocreme, Eurocreme: Dads Fucking Lads, Fucking, Group sex, Monster cock, MP4, Oral Sex, Orgies, Rimming, Smooth, Sucking, Twinks, Uncut

Split in Half by Kayden
17 min 41 sec
Added:  May 17, 2016   Avg Rating: 5.0

Tiny Cory Prince, a cute and damn sexy Spaniard gets to grips with the giant dicked Kayden Gray in an ass splitting scene like none other! His hairless ass stretched wide and fucked hard, taking all of Kayden's 9.5 thick inches down to the balls! His tight young body, tanned olive skin overpowered by a muscular and sweat drenched Kayden who fucks his upwards, side-wards and down into the bed, leaving the room dripping with sweat and spunk as Cory can't do anything as he's pinned by a dick as big as his arm, leaving him a fuck toy for the muscle stud Kayden to play with until his balls are empty and Cory is covered in jet after jet of hot spunk, the sweet smell of sweat and spunk permeating the air!

Featuring: Cory Prince
Categories: Anal Sex, Big Cock, Eurocreme, Eurocreme: Dads Fucking Lads, Fucking, Monster cock, MP4, One on One, Oral Sex,