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Deep Fuckers: Behind the Scenes

We go Behind the scenes at Eurocreme’s latest release: Deep Fuckers! Giant dicks, deep butts and the sexual appetite to tire out the most horny of men, these Hung Ladz have only one thing on their mind, and that’s dick! Whether it’s sticking their own monster meat up inside smooth tight butts or having their asses filled with twink cocks, it’s all they want and all they need! They give themselves any excuse to whip it out and play with them; from fixing furniture with giant dicked Kayden Gray to catching hung young Luke Desmond with his dick out on the sofa, the sight of such delicious slabs of meat is all they need to get fucked hard and deep!

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Hung Smooth Twinks Lukas Layton, Dan Roberts, Shane Stone And Zak Hazzard Have A Morning Fourway

For those of you who like your twinks slender, super hung and ultra smooth, feast your eyes on Lukas Layton, Dan Roberts, Shane Stone And Zak Hazzard. This is an amazingly hot and sexy group session with what are probably the smoothest twinks in all of London! Waking up with morning hard-ons, all four are soon sharing rock hard cocks as throbbing shafts thrust past eager lips and down hungry throats. In fact, you can almost taste the sexual tension as we watch their delicious butts getting pounded. Both bottoms get stuffed full of so much meat it’s like watch an obscene feat of gluttony. Lead star Shane is the cute blond kid, nice and skinny and able to take cock like a complete pro. But Lukas isn’t far behind, stretched as he is by the spit roasting, tag teaming tops. Watch out for cumshots that’ll have you running for cover or licking the screen as it sprays everywhere, soaking them all from head to toe. Damn. Someone REALLY needs to invent Taste-O_Vision.

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Lyle Boyce Takes 8-Inches Worth Of Spanish Culture

For some people, Sunday are made for sleeping in late or running out for brunch with friends and family. For others, like Lyle Boyce, Sundays are good some along time and quiet introspection in a museum taking in some good culture. In this, the final scene of “A Weekend With Lyle Boyce,” the tall, slender ginger happily trots off to his local museum. Alas, he’s all alone with no one to wander about, admiring some classic artists. But fear not! This adorable shy twink can never be alone for long. And by the time he’s ready to leave, he’s got Bruno Fox in tow. Apparently the impressionist artist has made quite an impression on Lyle’s tender, hungry soul. Bruno has invited Lyle back to his place where, amidst some great artwork, he exposes Lyle to some hot, intense, and throbbing Spanish culture. To be precise, 8-inches of thick, fat, uncut cock culture pounding his pretty face and sweet twink hole. Lyle takes Bruno with the skill of someone who’s been in the industry for decades. Then again, if you’ve been keeping up with Lyle over the past few scenes here on Eurocreme, you already know this has been a roller coaster of sex from start to finish!

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JP Dubois Nails Niall Roberts Outdoors

It’s been a long day and evening approaches. A game of strip poker is in order with top dog Kayden Gray getting more and more drunk as the evening progresses. He’s even pulling in sexy French boy, Leo Marco, into the game! As he gets more obnoxious, Kayden causes the game to end abruptly. Meanwhile, Niall’s ex is out for a cigarette. The slender twink is still hung up on JP Dubois and heads out some “fresh air” but secretly hoping for a tryst. Niall thinks he’s being subtle, but ever horny JP is on to him, even if Niall’s current boyfriend, Lucas Davidson, is oblivious and trusting. Just minutes after coming up to JP, Niall’s got his face buried in his ex’s crotch, choking on his thick shaft. Then, right there in the open, they strip. Niall gives himself over to JP totally and completely…again! Meanwhile, poor Lucas is inside, unaware his boyfriend is getting his ass stretched wide by a huge dick and fucked royally. With all that moaning Niall’s doing while getting nailed, it’s a miracle they’re not discovered.

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Lyle Boyce Chokes On 9 Inches Of Stud Meat But Takes It All Up The Ass

The gang arrive at the cottage and are shown to their rooms by sexy French boy Leo Marco. They’ve barely just arrived and already there’s an air of discord among the couples. Poor, baby-faced Lyle Boyce is caught right in the middle of muscled young stud Kayden Gray and cute twink Zac West’s relationship angst. Relaxing and left alone on their first night there Lyle lets it slip how sexy he finds Kayden. Always a cocky player with an over confident swagger, Kayden picks up on it and moves in on the slim pale young boy. Kayden flops out his solid 9-inch meat, thick enough to choke Lyle. It’s definitely a struggle for him to even fit it all in his mouth, but that’s not going to stop him! Not this oinker of a twink. Getting face fucked hard by the dark and handsome Kayden, Lyle is practically split in two when he’s pulled on top of that monster dick and lowered onto it. Lyle is filled and stuffed with more dick packed up his tiny hole than he’s ever had in his entire young life! And do you think Kayden stops? Hell no! But that’s okay because we don’t want him to. And neither does Lyle. The entire time, CottageBoy Leo is at the window, enjoying the show from the cover of darkness outside. He watches and wanks intently until he creams all over the ivy as, inside, Kayden squirts a massive load all over Lyle. The poor single thing is freshly fucked and very sore but he’s left with the broadest grin on his face ever.

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