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Behind The Scenes Of CottageBoy

The French countryside has a certain allure and it’s calling to a group of 5 young city slickers from London: Zac West, Kayden Gray, JP Dubois, Niall Roberts, and Lyle Boyce, two couples and a single sexy young man. Staying at a remote bed and breakfast, owned and run by French beauty Leo Marco, the cottage becomes a hot-bed of illicit sex, broken relationships and even the blossoming of a very unexpected love story, all in the midst of super-charged libidos, bruised egos, and questionable morals. Paradise is definitely lost almost immediately as super-stud Kayden invites Niall’s ex JP, who turns up out of the blue. Tensions that have been slowly bubbling suddenly combust and overflow in front of everyone. Not one is left unscathed, not even Leo, the CottageBoy himself. We invite you to come along on this EXCLUSIVE Behind The Scenes footage, then follow this blockbuster storyline as we weave between couples, old and new. Complete with fit young bodies, huge cock, and gorgeous countryside surroundings, this will be some of the hottest twink sex you’ll see anywhere!

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Milo Taylor’s Cherry Popped At Job Interview

Milo Taylor is definitely gay. He knows he likes men. The only problem is that, when this scene was filmed, he had yet to act upon his desires. Naturally, when he walked into the office and saw that his interviewer was none other than hung twink JP Dubois, Milo could scarcely keep his focus. His mind kept wandering and before you know it, the suit and tie wearing Scouse was hard. Which is fine because so was JP. In fact, he even makes mention of how he wants to fuck Milo! Nervous and uncertain of how to react — it’s not everyday you go on an interview and get told your future boss wants to bend you over — Milo watches as JP strips and reveals that thick long piece of meat. What else can he do but start sucking? It’s Milo’s first time and after trading blowjobs, he ends up rimmed and fucked, his cherry popped by JP. Don’t you wish all your interviews could be like this?

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Billy Rubens Pops Liam Strider’s Cherry

Billy Rubens is hanging out at Liam Strider’s place one evening. Their friendship has been carefully cultivated by the blond, scheming twink, ever since he first took not of Billy moving in with his cousin. In fact, Liam used to spy on Billy when he’d jerk off in the bathroom. While playing video games and, after raiding Liam’s parent’s bottle, our little porn superstar takes his mate on in a game of what they call dirty dare. Between their horsing around, their ramped up sexual tension, and the crazy shit they each suggest, the boys are stripped down, dick in mouth. Billy even dares Liam to rim his hairy butt! Ummm. Can’t you just imagine that? But we digress. Turns out this is Liam’s first time getting blown by another guy, his first at sucking cock, and his first time getting fucked. Yes, Billy takes Liam’s cherry and pops that hole with great fervor! Then, he spurts his thick and creamy load all over Liam’s face. And judging by the way Liam chows down on the jizz, we have a feeling we’re looking at the next up-and-coming twink whore!

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Behind The Scenes At The Dreamboy – July 2013

Go ahead. Admit it. You know you missed the crazy antics and intrigue at The Dreamboy. It’s okay. So did we! And now, here we are, ready to tease you with even more shenanigans. With Billy Rubens at the helm, a mysterious Daddy figure, Domy Nick, rents out all of the hotel rooms at The Dreamboy immediately following our 10-year anniversary celebration. Filling each room with a delicious twink, we have new faces for you to enjoy. Featuring Lyle Boyce, Zac West, Cody Reed and ever-adorable Aaron Aurora, you’ve never seen The Dreamboy like this before! And WHOA…What’s this? Billy Rubens is going to get…WHAT???

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The Birthday Boy Orgy

If you’ve been following the birthday boy story you already know that Billy Rubens has the hots for Drake Law, a newcomer to London. Unsure if Drake is interested, twink buddies Danny Daniels and JP Dubois suggested to Billy that he bring Drake to one of their upcoming orgies. Uncertain, Billy agreed and did it anyway. Hell, if one of YOU had been invited to bring Drake to an orgy you’d be hard just by the very thought! Then, with last week’s episode, we discovered that Drake is more of one-on-one type of twink. Definitely not into orgies. Bad for us, great for Billy! So, while Billy took off with Drake, hand-in-hand, we are left with a 5-twink orgy that’s an absolute ball drainer! What? You thought we’d forget? Not likely, especially when it consists of Danny Daniels, Luke Desmond — he of the legendary monster cock — JP Dubois, Darius Ferdynand and McKensie Cross. It’s a big dick extravaganza that is NOT to be missed!

While Billy and Drake get intimate and cozy upstairs (see last week’s episode), the gang is getting frisky downstairs. On the sofa, Luke Desmond is as hot as ever while Danny wraps his lips around the head of Luke’s cock and makes a meal out of the extra large shaft. As for handsome JP, Darius, and McKensie, they’re on the other sofa in a chain of throat fucking that will leave you gasping for air. It’s a twink buffet filled with slim, toned and sweaty bodies with peachy perfect butts. Loads of cock sucking, hard and deep butt fucking, as well as Luke getting spit-roasted. JP fucks every hole his cock encounters and we’re treated to some close-ups that — although difficult to figure out who’s doing what to whom — will have you drooling pre-cum. But hey, as long as we’re looking at big dick pounding tight, smooth holes, who cares? It’s all good. McKensie is first to cum, fucked hard by the beautiful Darius, with Luke unloading all over Danny while still getting fucked by JP, who pulls out and sprays his load into the mix. With each boy now empty, covered in streams of cum, they lay back and relax.

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