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Gym Bunny With Big Dick Fucks Twink In Locker Room

Working out at the gym makes a lot of guys horny. Kayden Gray is no different. After a good workout he’s revved up and raring to go. Today we catch up to him in the locker room, post workout. He’s got a massive bulge in his lycra shorts and decides to give it a working out of a different sort. He’s not shy about showing off what he’s got and, with that monster cock, would you? We sure wouldn’t be! Slowly stroking the massive piece of equipment, Kayden catches the eye of Jordan Jacobs as the twink walks in. They make eye contact. Kayden waves his humongous cock at Jordan, beckoning him. Jordan doesn’t need to think twice, despite the fact that anyone can walk in at any time. He loves a big cock, opens his mouth and starts sucking the thick, uncut tool.

After a while, Kayden pulls down Jordan’s shorts and reveals his new fuck buddy’s erection. Kayden returns the favor then works his way towards Jordan’s ass. The twink ends ass up in the air, his hole eager for a good priming. Kayden tongues him deep then works his curved monster cock balls deep inside the moaning twink. The super-hung jock makes the most of his playmates hole, fucking him senseless as Jordan, who can’t do anything else but lay there and take it, continues moaning and begs for more. Jordan coats the bench with his load and, when Kayden shoots, he sprays Jordan’s back and ass with cum before heading off to the showers.

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Super Twink Aaron Aurora Skewered By James Dixon

Scally lad James Dixon has a big fat dick. It’s the sort of cock that would bring a tear to anyone’s eye, especially if he’s pounding that stiff piece up your ass, cramming it into your hole. But not Aaron Aurora! The itty bitty guy is in twink whore heaven as he’s skewered by James and practically ripped a new one. First, James is wandering about the streets of London. Horny…always horny…the strawberry blond finds an alley way, ducks in, and whips out the thick slab of meat to do the one thing he likes to do most: jerk off! As he works his cock outdoors, James works up some precum and, lucky for him, along comes super twink Aaron, who wastes little time in dropping to his knees in order to take that huge cock in his mouth. It looks like it barely fits. And yet, Aaron manages quite well.

After a while, James invites Aaron back to a more secluded space. Somewhere where he can do the one thing he wants the most; stuff Aaron’s tiny little fuck hole with his massive meat. Being the true cock whore that he is, Aaron readily agrees and sniffs after James like a puppy dog after his Master. In an abandoned warehouse, they pick up where they left off. Then the two get into a steamy 69 that’s bound to get you leaking. But it’s James’s tongue buried deep in Aaron’s pink hole that just might make you cream. We recommend you stop stroking at this point and wait for James to penetrate Aaron’s virginal looking ass because the sight of all that meat being crammed into a tight space is a sure fire way to make all your jizz fly, just as James spurts all over Aaron!

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Alone In A Meadow With No One Around

Sexy hung stud JP Dubois is all alone in the countryside with no one around. As he soaks up some rays he finds himself growing increasingly horny and, with no one around, has to satisfy himself. Allowing his mind to wander, JP plays with his nipples and slips a hand inside his bulging undies. He starts stroking, teasing us at first, then showing us everything he’s got. With his chair as a play thing, JP is soon on all fours, using spit for lube as he slides several fingers into his tight hole; no doubt wishing he had a big dick sliding inside him! Making the most out of the fact that he’s all alone with no one around for miles, JP spins around, lays upside down, and continues to wank. He tugs his balls as he pleasures himself, his cock delicious and mouth watering as he gives himself a facial with a load you just don’t want to miss!

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JP Dubois Nails Niall Roberts Outdoors

It’s been a long day and evening approaches. A game of strip poker is in order with top dog Kayden Gray getting more and more drunk as the evening progresses. He’s even pulling in sexy French boy, Leo Marco, into the game! As he gets more obnoxious, Kayden causes the game to end abruptly. Meanwhile, Niall’s ex is out for a cigarette. The slender twink is still hung up on JP Dubois and heads out some “fresh air” but secretly hoping for a tryst. Niall thinks he’s being subtle, but ever horny JP is on to him, even if Niall’s current boyfriend, Lucas Davidson, is oblivious and trusting. Just minutes after coming up to JP, Niall’s got his face buried in his ex’s crotch, choking on his thick shaft. Then, right there in the open, they strip. Niall gives himself over to JP totally and completely…again! Meanwhile, poor Lucas is inside, unaware his boyfriend is getting his ass stretched wide by a huge dick and fucked royally. With all that moaning Niall’s doing while getting nailed, it’s a miracle they’re not discovered.

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Celebrating 10 Years Of Eurocreme!

It’s the night of the Eurocreme party, and all the boys of London — and beyond! — have turned up for a night filled with festivity. Packing London’s West End with young toned and lithe bodies, the public got to mingle with the biggest stars of the moment, including sexy Billy Rubens and JP Dubois, alongside new faces Drake Law and Lucas Davidson! It was a night to remember as we celebrated the best of 10 years of the biggest UK studio. With live performances from our men and boys, getting horny with each other on stage, and with guest performer Julia in the form of Shirley Bassey, the whole roof was raised in the glamour and flamboyance of an anniversary all put on by the boys of Eurocreme!

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